To the Beekeepers Associations

for the attention of: The President


Perugia, 9th February 1999


We are the organizers of BREAKFAST, an event wholly dedicated to the products, the objects and habits of the morning that will take place in Perugia (Italy) from 18 to 23 March 1999.

On this occasion many will be the events for the promotion of honey: tastings, exhibitions, meetings, demonstrations and so on.

One of the projects we are working on is the setting up of a very big and well stocked MELISSOTHECA where the visitors of BREAKFAST will have the unique chance to taste for free the best honeys of the whole world.

For this project we are here to ask you to collect a selection of the most representative honeys of your country (in a total quantity of about Kg. 8) and to send them to our Organization Office together with informative materials and brochures about the characteristics and producers.

For further information please contact the following numbers:

n BREAKFAST (Perugia) - Mrs. Silvia Sarchioni

Tel.+39 0755732670 - Fax +39 0755731100

n APIMONDIA (Rome) - Mr.Riccardo Jannoni-Sebastianini

Tel./Fax +39 066852286 - E-mail

Hoping to establish a collaboration, we thank you in advance.


Silvia Sarchioni

(Coordinator Honey Project for BREAKFAST)

Dal 18 al 23 Marzo Perugia sarÓ la capitale di 'Breakfast' festival-kermesse che vedrÓ come protagonista il momento del risveglio in tutte le sue forme: la Rocca Paolina ospiterÓ i prodotti per la prima colazione, il Teatro Pavone 24 ore su 24 con Good Morning scandirÓ i risvegli di tutto il globo, mentre nella Breakfast-Boutique di Via Mazzini sarÓ possibile acquistare prodotti provenienti da ogni angolo del mondo. E inoltre:convegni, stage, special event, mostre e concorsi.